Smart Kitchen Timer

Cross-platform development

Functional kitchen timer with nice 'tactile' design. Includes preparation time information for various dishes and timers history.

Qt Mobile

PhoneGap development

Super Uff is a cross-platform mobile app built to help everyone with dog training. It contains 30 excercises to study in tree steps each. Simple and cute illustrations are the core of the excercises explanation.

CoffeeScript Backbone Marionette
Test-driven development Scrum

PhoneGap development

We like cases when modern technologies help you in everyday life. Rocketwash is a service which provides you ordering a carwash from iOS and Android smartphone.

CoffeeScript Backbone Marionette
Test-driven development Scrum


Responsive design Manager panel SMS notifications

Zagorod is our project built to help resorts and cottage owners to rent houses and gather clients base. Also focused on delivering additional services such as catering and transportation.

Ruby on Rails
Rapid prototyping Agile development


PhoneGap development

iPad app for Kribrum, social media and news monitoring service built for enterprise use.

Backbone Marionette
Scrum Agile

Time tracking Screen and print-ready reports Adapting to user behaviour

We built Mashtime to track our working hours so we can analyze how we worked on projects and plan further work or estimate upcoming projects better. It's made for teams, projects and freelancers. Of course, it is responsive so everyone can record his hours on the go. Mashtime remembers the way you use it — more tracking time or more analyzing reports — and helps you to find dashboard pages that are important for you.

Ruby on Rails CoffeeScript
Test-driven development Agile Scrum


API for mobile apps Rapid prototyping Mobile caching

Riolis is well-known by its embroidery kits. We developed API for mobile apps, prototyped, designed and created iPhone, iPad and Android versions.

iOS development Android development Backend development
Scrum Agile

Advanced search engine

Backend development for, website focused on realty rent and sale on Cyprus.

Ruby on Rails
Domain–driven design

Visual task management

Potee started as a Rails Rumble hackathon projects. We teamed up with Genue founder Evgeny Luchinin to bring to life his idea about visual task management. We created a prototype in 48 hours and later returned to refactor it deeply and refine user experience.

Ruby on Rails CoffeeScript Backbone Marionette
Agile Scrum

300,000 pageviews per day Migrating to custom platform Database transfer Custom server-side API Redesign Responsive design iOS development

Investcafe is Russia’s first independent research firm that provides institutional investors with unbiased analysis and insight from a team of experts.

We were involved in this project when it was popular source of market news and analytics. The project was growing fast and needed to become scalable and reliable. Originally it based on Bitrix CMS and our mission was to develop new platform with bucket of additional features. We chose Ruby on Rails and carefully took existing database to the new environment. Development included full redesign with responsive design approach.

Ruby on Rails Objective-C
Rapid prototyping Scrum Test–driven development


Server–side API Data sync

iPad application for HR specialists that saves time and helps to organize interviews.

iOS development

Realtime communication Amazon Search API Geolocation

More and more people prefer to exchange between each other instead of buying all new. SwapUrban focuses on this fact and offers a service to swap books. It is based on Amazon book search so you can find any book there, add it to your wishlist and get notified if someone offers it (or get rid of your unused books). Swap process has its own iterface with price balance between offers and wants. Realtime chat helps to communicate seamless and define exchange details.

There's a strong accent on geolocation–based communities and filtering so you don't need to waste your time searching offers nearby.

This startup founders came to us with ideas in their bright minds, and we built the product from the very start, including paper prototypes and intercative one.

SwapUrban is award–winning participant of Venture Fair 2013 (Kazan, Russia).

Ruby on Rails Faye
Rapid prototyping Scrum Test-driven development


Hand-crafted illustrations Animations In–App purchases

Coats'n'Shorts for iOS, an update to its popular educational dress up game for children under six. Complete with interactive and colorful backgrounds, Coats'n'Shorts teaches children how to choose the right clothes for different seasons, occasions, and holidays. Users proceed through twelve levels by helping Anna mix and match tops, bottoms, and accessories to create the perfect outfit. Ideal for teaching young kids how to match, categorize, and choose clothing, Coats'n'Shorts rewards players with a unique prize upon the completion of each level.

iOS Development

Cheboksary Guide

Offline database Google and Yandex maps Geolocation

A guide to Cheboksary city with offline database, streets and companies search, location-based smart search results.

Android development


Advanced browsing and search Marketplace engine

Marketplace store providing plugins and modules for 1S applications, popular business solutions. Developers can sign up and sell their plugins for different versions of apps.

Ruby on Rails
Test-driven development Scrum


Enterprise social network API for external applications

In 2011 we built enterprise social network for Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System. This complex application included both social network and an API for external applications (Knowledge base, Corporate website). Network has such features as news feeds with reposts, messages, groups, following, message boards, search.

Ruby on Rails Javascript

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