SaaS products

Potee started as a Rails Rumble hackathon projects. We teamed up with Genue founder Evgeny Luchinin to bring to life his idea about visual task management. We created a prototype in 48 hours and later returned to refactor it deeply and refine user experience.

We built Mashtime to track our working hours so we can analyze how we worked on projects and plan further work or estimate upcoming projects better. Mashtime remembers the way you use it and adapts to your behaviour.


Zagorod is our project built to help resorts and cottage owners to rent houses and gather clients base. Also focused on delivering additional services such as catering and transportation.

Mobile products

Smart Kitchen Timer

Functional kitchen timer with nice 'tactile' design. Includes preparation time information for various dishes and timers history.


Coats'n'Shorts for iOS, an update to its popular educational dress up game for children under six. It teaches children how to choose the right clothes for different seasons, occasions, and holidays.

Cheboksary Guide

A guide to Cheboksary city with offline database, streets and companies search, location-based smart search results.

Open Source

Simple daemonized pseudo-scheduler controlled by rake tasks
1S Bitrix infoblocks integration into Ruby on Rails projects
Email delivery management service
Swagger UI as Rails Engine for grape-swagger gem
Squash migrations to last migration.
Show growl-like flash messages and saved user notices with Gritter
Rails 4 project template. Twitter Bootstrap, Haml, Sass, Settingslogic, Postgres, Test suite, etc.
Alice is advanced comment system for Ruby On Rails
Google docs spreadsheets importing tool
Ruby module for service integration.
Test Active Admin resources in your application.
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